DAY IN THE LIFE: Winter Weather Equestrian

Well… we are finally in the thick of winter weather here at the stable in CT . Photographed below is my beloved dressage mare, Dornröschen. After spending most of her lifetime in Northern Germany, Dornröschen has finally settled into her forever home located  in CT, enjoying her second snowy winter.

After turning out the rest of the crew, I couldn’t help but to snap this photo of Dornöschen,  post “snow angle roll” patiently waiting for her morning hay. It’s moments like these that remind me of the unique opportunity we have to work with these beautiful creatures. ( cheesy– I know.. but we all have been there. I hope ;-)

Its moments like these that simply take us away from the daily training obstacles, memorization of tests and  competition pressures. As an equestrian for over twenty years… its easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of the equestrian community. The trainers, the tests, the travel & all of those “extras” we all know and have learned to accept in the riding community.

However! Here is my suggestion to you…no matter what type of training or competition day you’ve had… Take some time to take a breath and truly enjoy your horse. I believe you’ll find when you strip away all of the outside pressures, expenses, competitions and fashions… you’ll find at its core a powerful sense of  partnership.

Throughout my years traveling abroad with Dornröschen, I was always comforted by the sense of partnership. No matter how difficult the training sension… or how nervous I was at competition… I knew no matter what.. good dayor bad, I could rely on our years of growth together to provide an immediate sense of comfort.

Now that Dornröschen is finally home and spending her second winter in the states, this moment reminded me of everything we’ve done together. The journey we have made and most importantly the partnership we’ve created.

So for this week’s day in the life we are all about celebrating the unique partnership between horse and rider! xox <3 – Hannah

winter equestrian photo