STABLE STYLE : Buckle Them 👢 by Celeris UK

We assure you buckles have never looked so good. If you are on the lookout for a unique, classic and incredibly creative boot brand… you MUST visit Celeris UK. Boots orders also available for US.  The sky is the limit with this brand as one can choose any leather, suede & patter paired with any color the heart may desire. This company is simply the star of ge equestrian boot business and one to browse as the very least! This weak STYLE fall in love with the Celeris Buckle 👢! To view more of the beautiful collection by Celeris UK, click here!


“Welcome to the home of our superior, made-to-measure, luxury riding boots and accessories. Choose from our exquisite collection of models or mix and match design features and infuse your own personal style to create distinctive, beautiful boots.

The Celeris brand has become synonymous with passion, luxury and quality. Our desire to deliver the most meticulous, made-to-measure, luxury riding boots is as strong now as when we began. Having gained a legion of ‘super’ fans and followers – both professional riders and amateurs alike marvel in their supreme fit, stylish designs and outstanding performance.

Created in a small workshop in Northern Portugal – every single boot is handmade using traditional skills and craftsmanship and only the finest leathers and premium accessories. 24 measurements are sculpted precisely for the perfect fit that we are renowned for. With seemingly endless ways to customise and over 65 leather variations, we offer a truly bespoke riding boot for every equestrian.”

Photo Credit: Celeris Uk Instagram

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