Sporty Dressage

Dressage- the ballet of equestrianism. Classic, disciplined and beautiful. Descriptions of dressage depict an extreme level of timeless beauty, class and style. When we think of a dressage rider we envision a black and white classic silhouette . Throughout decades we have seen black boots, show coat and top hat paired with white breeches. But times have changed, although the show attire has remained close to the black and white silhouette, the training attire has become quite sporty. We are loving the new young, fresh and sporty look dressage riders are sporting these days. Full of color, advanced technology in fabrics and well tailored breeches, show coats and tops… the dressage silhouette has evolved and we are loving it!

d05a11a3ea9680ae093aa258e3643ec2Photography: Paula Matute in Pikeur and Petrie

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.52.59 AM

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