FOR RIDER: Get A Grip On Denim

Are you a lover of denim? Feel and look your best in your beloved pair of jeans? What if we were to tell you, you don’t have to sacrifice your love of denim anymore? These stunning spooks equestrian denim grip breech is guaranteed to instantly become your favorite denim breeches. Classic equestrian style meets modern technology to create breeches that truly look & feel great.


spooks equestrian denim grip breech

Photo Credit: HannahMadsen.Co Instagram

” Today is the first day I have ever worn these breeches, and I have to say I am completely obsessed. Everything! The wash, the technology, the feel ….And with the updated grip seat the denim has even more give than with a classic suede seat. I absolutely love denim breeches not only for their “street” look but because they pair with so many upper layer options. Whether your a t-shirt and jeans girl, or a turtleneck and puffer… the options are up to you!” – Hannah Madsen, EDITOR

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