STABLE STYLE: Samshield Icon Pack

Constantly on the go, but cant seem to find a bag that stores it all? Phone, gloves,crop, helmet… The list goes on. And when you do finally find the bag that does it all. Is it weather proof?! Without further adieu, its time to introduce the Samshield Icon Pack. With all the pockets you’ll ever need and easy wearability and wash… one just simply cant go wrong! So stop dropping and stuffing all your equestrian needs into a bag that doesn’t work! Check out the latest Samshield equestrian has to offer with this wonderful, modern bag!
Samshield Icon PackSamshield Icon PackPhoto Credit: Mary’s Tack & Supply

Samshield’s design philosophy is a powerful fusion of form and function. We like to think of the pre and post Samshield era. Prior to Samshield, backpacks were boring and bulky. Enter the Samshield Icon Pack. Now, we use words like “sexy” and “sleek” etc to describe backpacks. We call this the Samshield effect. Samshield is a leader. With its foray into backpacks, it has once again proved its superiority. -Tack N’ Rider

The Samshield Icon Pack

Price: $248.00


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