TRAVEL: The Beautiful Hof Rosenthal

Welcome to Hof-Rosenthal, home to owner Heike Sahlmann. A beautiful horse farm nestled in the quiet town of Bleckede, Germany. Charming, classic and inviting, Hof Rosenthal effortlessly blends passion, dedication and quality to produce happy, healthy talented horses. When entering the gaits of Hof-Rosenthal, one can’t help but instantly fall in love with the beautiful european equestrian lifestyle. Brood-mares and their foals playfully bound throughout the pastures as staff happily tends to the needs of  horses in training. Instantly, one simply feels something very special. In the equestrian sport, the business of buying, selling and breeding horses can quickly bring a harsh coldness to the sport…At Hof-Rosenthal one will find exactly the opposite experience. Owner Heike Rosenthal’s passion for her beautiful collection of horses is contagious. As one walks down the beautiful brick aisle ways, horses from left to right happily pop their heads out of their stalls while munching away on hay. Making your way through the main aisle one is finally led to the indoor ring where trainer, Manuel Bammel is busily training his collection of high performance dressage horses.

Throughout the years it has been an absolute pleasure to visit this wonderful stable, watching as young ones grow up to become strong, successful competitors in the sport. If one is looking for a personal, professional & quality experience, Hof- Rosenthal is a truly wonderful experience. Again a big congratulations to Heike Sahlmann on her unwavering passion & dedication to developing happy, healthy, top performing sport horses. Wishing much success in the future & can not wait to return!


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