HANNAH’S FAVORITES: Rainy Day Fall Favorites

It’s that time of year again :-(, time to start layering up! Battling cold, damp barn days can instantly become a struggle… but with these pieces, I assure you… fall equestrian fashion remains chic & most importantly comfortable & cozy! For this week’s Hannah’s Favorites, I am completely in love with these AMAZING Tuff Rider Element breeches! At under $60 you just simply can not go wrong. Featuring a grip tech knee patch, four-way stretch and amazing water wicking material… these breeches have instantly become one of my all time favorites. In breech fashion… there always seems to be a catch. If the price seems too low/ or too good to be true… there must be a catch, right? Not with these breeches. Of course we are always going to have our beloved more pricy breeches, but for everyday where you don’t want to risk a horrible stain, a snag or tear…. these are fantastic! Available in white, navy, black, brown and grey … the options are perfect!

Hannah's equestrian style picks

For Rider…

1) Tuff Rider Element Tech Breech 

2) HV Polo Sport Vest

3) Cognac Königs

4) Zara Classic Knit Turtleneck

5) Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet

For Horse…

1) Lemieux Tech Saddle Pad

2)T3 Half Pad

3) Eskadron Polo Wraps & Bell Boots

4) H.Melzer Double Bridle

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