STABLE STYLE: Hack and Hills Breeches

Classic elegance meets modern sport to create the perfect breech. Long days in and out of the saddle can instantly take a toll on your overall comfort. Materials that don’t give, waist bands that don’t fit right…. these seemingly small problems can instantly ruin a day in the stable. But with the Hack & Hills classic fit breech, you can look & feel your best in an out of the saddle. A perfect blend of design and practicality is what makes these breeches perfect for the “everyday woman”. Excited??!!! You should be! What are you waiting for?! Get browsing this weeks favorite breech @ Hack & Hills!

Hacks & Hills breeches were designed with every woman in mind. Mid-rise, and with a thoughtfully honed waist-to-hip ratio, our breeches are renowned for their ultra-flattering fit. Double side leg seam slims and lengthens the look of the leg. Subtle top-stitch and faux suede accenting creates an elegant but unfussy style statement for equestrians who want classic style and performance rather than noisy bling. Smooth and flexible ankle stocking rather than velcro ensures in-boot comfort. Luxury feel stretch woven, with breathable, brittle-free and washable Clarino faux suede. – Hack & Hills




hack and hills breeches

 hack and hills breeches

Photo Credit: Hack & Hills

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