Get The Look: Boho Equestrian

The BOHO look… known for its effortless, fresh and natural vibe is one of this summers go-to look. Wavy hair, suede and fringe are only just a few of the infamous statements that make the BOHO ¬†stand out. Mixing and matching bold textures like leather and lace makes the BOHO look such a fun trend. Looking for some change in your style? Try the BOHO look. Not quite ready to take the full on BOHO style plunge??? That’s fine! Simply pick just a few statement pieces to sample!

With winter long gone….we are all about summer vibes! As the parkas are stored away… sweaters stacked and cozy scarves hidden.. its time to get creative! Although the BOHO look can be a bit daunting we say its time for some flaunting. Statement pieces like a favorite suede jacket styled with a whimsical braid is just one of the ways one can dip a toe into the BOHO pond. For those who are looking for a more conservative transition into the BOHO trend, we have just the pieces for you <3

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.10.03 AM