Falling For Pompeano

The belt is one of the most sought after statement accessories in equestrian fashion. Whether you are looking for a bit of bling or a pop of color… the belt is the perfect way to add extra detail to your look. Looking for the perfect equestrian fall accessory? Meet PAMPEANO. The Argentine polo brand takes great pride in their craftsmanship as the Pampeano belt features excellent craftsmanship and dedication to design.

Explore the renowned collection of classic, hand-stitched leather polo belts; the embodiment of pampeano’s passion in artisanal craftsmanship, luxury materials and exceptional design.
recognised worldwide for their exquisite quality, each pampeano polo belt has been hand-crafted in South America by master artisans, in a meticulous practice which takes up to five hours to complete. As each is made by hand, no two will ever be quite the same, making them as individual as the people who wear them.
a pampeano belt is accompanied by its signature presentation box, with supplementary services comprising of bespoke, hand-embossed lettering, complete gift wrapping and hand-written notes for an intimate touch.- PAMPEANO

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