Event: The International Polo Club

Located in Wellington, FL The International Polo Club is one of the most sought after equestrian venues throughout the year. Frequented by equestrian and fashionistas alike… the event is simply spectacular.  The sounds of thundering hooves and booming laughter fills the air as spectators watch in excitement. Champagne glasses clink as many cheers to friendly competition. Pops of pinks and greens, canary yellows and and rustic reds border the polo field. Full of color and cheer…one cant help but to become hypnotized by the draw of equestrian elegance at its finest.  The International Polo Club is an absolute must- see event and behalf of the EQL.CO we wish all competitors a safe, successful and exciting season!

Wellington - International Polo Club, US Open
Wellington – International Polo Club, US Open


Wellington-International Polo Club Dress Code/ Lila Photo


International Polo Club 2016


International Polo Club 2016


Time for brunch!