You’ve put together your entire stable outfit, from breeches and boots…shirt and socks… but now its time for the finishing touches. Looking to make a statement? Or simply wanting to pull together your look? Meet the GHODHO belt. Known for their fashion forward modern breech, GHODHO equestrian wear has now launched a second must-have product! Like their breeches, the GHOHDO belt is the perfect way to add a modern twist to and elegant silloughette.

More about the Ghodho Belt…

“We are proud to offer a cruelty free option made from 100% polyurethane. Our GHODHO branded belts feature a 2″ width, curved shape for a close fit, reptilian textured pattern, and large shiny silver alloy buckle. Timeless and elegant, our belts are sure to take your riding outfit to the next level.”- GHODHO

EQL.CO/ Equestrian Style Ghodho Belt

Photo Credit: Jessica Claire Photo Featuring: Zoey Luna Equestrian


EQl.CO equestrian stable style Ghodho Belt


Price: $68.00