HTWI: Get A Grip Denim

Get the latest in equestrian fashion trends with EQL.CO. Take your street style to the stable with these beautiful equestrian grip denim breeches. Looking to make a stable statement? You must have these breeches. Affordable yet comfortable breeches which meet the demands of an athlete on the move are truly one in a million. We are happy to say, look no further! We have found your next summer favorite!

Equestrian Grip Denim Breeches…

Classic leather and suede has been a go-to fabric in the equestrian world… however… the needs of the modern equestrian athlete have pushed equestrian fashion brands to re-evaluate the “classic” look. The modern equestrian is one which values staying comfortable in and out of the saddle. Breeches featuring breathable, 4-way stretch and new grip technology are becoming the most sought after look in the equestrian fashion community.

Thinking denim is only for the street? Think again! With this look take your street style and bring it to the stable with our top favorites! xo EQL.CO.

equestrian grip denim breeches

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