FOR HORSE: Bling For The Ring

Lover of sparkle? Needing that extra bit of bling? Bring your favorite bling to the ring with beautiful bridles by Eponia Equestrian Sport. Elegant, quality bridles @ a price that is even more alluring! This week we have fallen  in love with the gorgeous Cookie Double bridle. Available in patent or plain for $230-270 depending on your leather choice. So what are you waiting for? Shop your next bridle now! EPONIA EQUESTRIAN SPORT

Eponia Equestrian Sport

The crown piece is anatomically shaped, and well padded.   The browband is slightly curved and beautifully decorated with Swarovski elements. The crystals are alternating black and gold.

The noseband is drop shaped and 3,5 cm (1,6 inch) at the widest point. Brass colored SS fittings. Includes two leather reins of which one is a smuggler leather outside and rubber texture inner side.

Can be upgraded to our black patent noseband with brown padding for +40

This year’s version of the double has a convertible version with the buckles on the sides, not on the crown ( as seen in some pictures)- Eponia 

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