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High scores, trunks of ribbons and rankings… after all isn’t that what equestrianism is about? As much as these are all wonderful compliments of ones hard work and determination… being an equestrian is much more than a blue ribbon, high mark or rank. What brings the equestrian to the saddle everyday is the pursuit of a connection. A connection which is forged through trust, harmony and balance. It is through the journey of seeking a connection where education becomes paramount.

The desire to continuously educate oneself on all areas of the horses well being in and out of the saddle is what truly makes a equestrian not just an equestrian… but more importantly a horsemen. Clinics, lessons, exhibitions, tutorials and spectatorship are all great ways to educate oneself on a variety of equestrian related platforms. However… time, location and financial circumstances can easily prevent one from attending these events.

These are the many concerns and frustrations of riders not just in the US but around the world. Not always having access to the right information we deserpately need can instantly become beyond frustrating. Enter, DressageHub. Dressage Hub is a youtube based dressage learning platform where equestrians can experience everything from clinics featuring top international riders and trainers, tips and tricks, products reviews, front row tickets to the Wellington show circuit and our personal favorite, behind the scenes coverage of top riders warming up.

In a sport where location and financial strains can quickly become a huge road block in the pursuit of education and better connection with our horses… its time to look for a solution! Educational providers like Dressage Hub play a vital role in the overall education of riders  just simply seeking an answer or help. SO what are you waiting for! No matter your discipline within the sport there is something for everyone @ Dressage Hub! You can find out more or support Dressage Hub here @ Patreon.  Read more below 🙂

Dressage Hub Dressage Hub

Dressage Hub

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“Three years ago I came up with the idea to bring the magical world of Wellington to riders around the planet via YouTube. Today Dressage Hub continues to bring the best riders, coaches, vet’s, experts and support teams from Wellington, right to your stable anywhere in the world! That is truly magical!

In doing so we have created one of the coolest place on the internet where the fans have become as awesome as the videos, thus creating a community of people who are looking for a fresh and positive place to enjoy their horses on the internet without drama or judgement.

I could not be happier to have created a community that loves and enjoys the 500 videos we have on YouTube already. With almost 10 million views I am looking forward to an even bigger and better future for our little happy place on the internet.”- Dressage Hub on Patreon

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