DKB- Bunderchampionate 2015

As August comes to a close, the German countryside begins to gear up for one of the most spectacular shows of the season. Every September the DKB-Bunderchampionate hosts the ” best three to six year old horses and ponies, bred in Germany.”(FN) During the event young horses and ponies show in either dressage, jumping, eventing,and driving. After years of “competing at different places in Germany, the competitors and their horses and ponies feel now home in Warendorf.”(FN) The event itself surely is nothing to take lightly as just “last year nearly 35.000 breeders, riders, owners, dealers and friends of the horse and pony” came from both Germany and foreign countries.

This year EQL.CO Editor In Chief was able to attend the event.  “It truly was an event to see!” says Hannah. ” I could not have imagined a show with more color, vibrance, elegance and above all superior talent, it was spectacular.” Here are some of the pictures Hannah snapped while attending the event.