BEAUTY EDIT: Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek

Boots and breeches, helmets & gloves, bags & blankets. These are all items we  adore @ Hannah But this Monday we are making a bit of a transition over to the beauty world. Long days in the stable can be taxing on us physically and mentally. Sometimes a hint of blush or something special, is the perfect way to uplift our spirits. The Chantecaille Philathropy blush was destined for the equestrian. A stunning imprinted horse detail immediately catches ones eye when browsing this blush. Coral in color, this blush is the perfect accent to flush any cheek. Looking to add a hint of color for show day or lesson? Exhibition or lunch? This blush is for you!

What it is: A blush embossed with the conservation effort it supports, from Monarch butterflies to wild horses.

What it does: It’s presented in a signature mirrored, Pebble Compact and cased in a colorful, cause-adorned box. It’s made using finely milled pigments that contribute to the exquisite colors and has a featherweight texture that brushes on lightly and blends seamlessly, leaving behind a gorgeous veil of flushed color. – Nordstrom

Philanthropy Cheek Shade


Horse: Joy cheek shade – A playful pink

Cattle farms and oil drilling threaten to devastate the natural spaces wild horses need to roam and run free. These animals, who embody the spirit of freedom, deserve to live peacefully, and our future generations deserve to experience true, wild nature as well. Help by supporting the American Wild Horse Preservation. -Chantecaille


Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek

Photo Credit: Chantecaille / Chantecaille Blog

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