THE GIFT GUIDE: All The Best W/ Atelier CG

Known for her bold tag line, “don’t let them tame you”, designer Cindy G. once again takes our breath away with her  latest equestrian inspired jewelry line. Bold, beautiful and unique,  the AtelierCG holiday gift guide is not for the faint of heart. From luxe leather wraps, bits and stirrups to leather totes, keychains and more… the collection is simply mesmerizing. Whether your looking to purchase something special for a loved one, or looking to spoil yourself 🙂 we assure you….. it wont take long to find a piece that speaks to you!

“To choose a favorite throughout all of her collections is simply impossible. However, this season I can not wait to be sporting her newest launch of the Atelier CG Tobiano Black/ Gold set. Mixing and matching is one of my favorite things to do with my jewelry! What I love about this collection is the ability to stack. The options are up to you! Like Cindy G’s tagline… I don’t follow accessorizing “rules” … if you love what you wear & it speaks to you… then what are you waiting for! Break the rules and have a little fun! In our everyday lives its easy to loose sight of inspiration… I love to look at her pieces with  those 5 simple words to inspire me!  I think all equestrians have a unique dedicated passion for the sport …. and so to me these pieces are a  reflection of the lifestyle we equestrians love so much!”

– Editor, Hannah Madsen

AtelierCG holiday gift guide


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