Brand Teaser! Rönner

Just in time for the weekend…. a brand to fall in love with! At EQL.CO we just can’t get enough of  RÖNNER. Founded in 2010  by sisters Carin and Jessica Stellabatti Rönner, Rönner Design is an, ” independent, family-owned fashion house and lifestyle brand specialising in equestrian-inspired, ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories.”  Rönner has quickly become a top brand at EQL.CO for their effortless blending of authentic equestrian with ready- to- wear peices. Whether you ride horses or simply enjoy equestrian fashion… this brand is a must-see! Without further adieu here are our top picks for the Rönner summer collection!



Margarita-Swaroski-WhiteTHE MARGARITA SHIRTClara-embroidered-cuff-navy